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Scott Henderson
Breaking the Mould
The pursuit of a healthy and active lifestyle is a full-time career and true passion for Scott Henderson. Editor, Writer, Podcast Host, and self-confessed fitness addict - Scott loves to help people get the most out of life.
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Guest #1
Abbey Holmes
Breaking the Barriers
Netballer, legendary footy player, and all-round good human. Abbey Holmes broke the record for the first woman to kick 100 goals in a single AFLW season. However, Abbey is motivated by something much deeper.
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Guest #2
Harry Garside
Breaking Stereotypes
From painted nails to incorporating ballet into his training regime, Harry’s approach to fitness and well-being has been nothing short of inspiring.
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Guest #3
Stephanie Kurlow
Breaking the Norm
Stephanie found herself the accidental advocate for the rights of Muslim women around the globe. In an industry where everyone is meant to fit in, Stephane is a true trailblazer and not afraid to stand out.
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Our Breaking Ground talent have worked tirelessly against adversity and social conventions to pave the way and set the new standard for the next generation