Breaking the Norm

If Greta Thunberg and Stephanie Kurlow ever became playground friends just imagine how different the world would look today!

Born to a Russian mother and Australian father, Stephanie grew up dreaming of being a ballerina. At the age of eight, her family converted to Islam and at the age of 10 she started wearing the hijab. No big deal, right?

Think again! It turns out the ballet world wasn’t ready for a Hijab-wearing ballerina and Stephanie was forced to give up classes.

Undeterred, Stephanie quickly learnt to speak up and call out the industry for its non-inclusive attitudes. Most importantly, she kept on dancing and the world took notice soon after.  Stephanie has continued to push boundaries and evolve the art form.

Stephanie found herself the accidental advocate for the rights of Muslim women around the globe. In an industry where everyone is meant to fit in, Stephane is a true trailblazer and not afraid to stand out.