Breaking New Ground

Being raised on a dairy farm has clearly given our Nova Ground Breaker winner, Dale Bryce, some serious resilience over the years.  Starting Taekwondo at the tender age of just 8 years old, he found his true passion early.  Many years of training and dedication would later see Dale as a 7th Dan black belt (a ranking system in Taekwondo that goes from 1 to 10).

A career with many highlights including over 30 international medals and opening his own school, Eclipse Taekwondo.  Unfortunately, Dale was diagnosed with severe arthritis in both hips, which ultimately led to an intense double hip replacement.  Against all odds and with the support of some amazing doctors along the way, Dale pushed forward and won 2 national titles.

Despite this success, pain continued to plague his career. Dale had to undergo yet another surgery and close his much-loved school.  However, after asking life’s tough questions and enduring intensive rehab, Dale reopened his practice and continues to break new ground to this day.

Nova’s Breaking Ground Winner is… Dale Bryce! A 7th Dan blackbelt in Taekwondo, Dale’s career has seen him win top-tier international awards. The euphoric highs have also come with crippling lows, having not one but two major surgeries, which threatened to cut his career short. This is truly a story of triumph over adversity, so we think you’ll agree Dale Bryce is a worthy winner for the Breaking Ground Series.